GameSpy have posted part 3 of their Masters of Doom article. In part three of thier excerpt from the upcoming book, DOOM shareware is released and networks the world over reel. Also they have interviews of former id emplyees such as John Romero, Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen:

    "Within two weeks, Carmack had two computers networked to each other in his office. One represented his first-person point of view, the other represented the other player's. On cue, he hit the button on his keyboard; his character moved forward on the computer in front of him. He pictured the little packets of data traveling across the network line flowing into the computer across his office, translating instantly into the space marines onscreen. The computers were talking to each other. And Carmack knew the result. He glanced over at the computer to the right and saw his character, now represented in third-person, running across that screen. He had made a consensual virtual world, and it was alive."