GameSpy has posted the second part of its Masters of Doom article. In part 2 id continues to build DOOM, while along the way striking on the perfect plan for distribution and sales. Also, they take a look at the games id has developed:

    id hated Myst. It had none of the elements they liked: no real-time interaction, no pace, no fear, no action. If Myst was like Shakespeare, DOOM was going to be Stephen King. With Carmack's engine in gear, the rest of the team buckled down on finished elements of the game. Adrian and Kevin churned out dark, demonic art. They drew guys impaled, twitching on stakes (like the impaled farmer Adrian had seen at the hospital long ago), blood-spattered corpses chained to walls. The death animations were more elaborate than ever: monsters stumbling with their skulls ripped open, the Baron of Hell slumping forward with his intestines spilling onto the floor.