HomeLAN chats with Future Comics' Bob Layton about their plans to bring their comic book characters into the video game world:

    HomeLAN - Why do you think its important for Future Comics to have its characters become the basis for future video games?

    Bob Layton - They were designed specifically to move from one medium to another. When David and I sat down, several years ago, to create this line-up, we knew that the sizable profits are in licenses. Comics are, more or less, a break-even proposition. So, part of our mandate was to create universally-adaptable characters. Future Comics has at least three separate media deals currently in progress. Future Comics and Energy Entertainment entered into a deal last year to bring FREEMIND to the big screen. Additionally, we were contacted by the Cartoon Network in February and they've expressed interest in the Metallix property.

    Currently, I'm working closely with Robert Keyghobad of MetroStop Entertainment on a Deathmask feature film. He is currently interviewing writers and directors for it and has several studios interested in the property.

    Video games are a natural extension of these properties, and my experience with the first TUROK, Dinosaur Hunter gives me a good understanding on how to create game concepts.