HomeLAN have posted their last Horizons developers diary with Artifact Entertainment marketing manager Steve Escalante. This final part gives an update on the upcoming massively multiplayer RPG. Here is a snip:

    HomeLAN - Horizons has taken a long time in development. Does the development team have the same enthusiasm that it did when the game was first started?

    Steve Escalante - I would say yes, even more so than at first. Horizons is nearing completion and knowing that they have successfully put together a AAA title despite the odds is a thrill for everyone. Beta testing is a big part of the excitement equation as the developers now get to see real feedback and experience how these participants are examining and playing the game. Atari publishing the product is definitely another important part of their enthusiasm. One must admit the nostalgia that is associated to such an awesome brand, not to mention the team we work with at Atari add value to the product with their expertise and genuine interest in Horizons.