Seen on Boomtown that they have some scanned pics from an article in PC Gamer about Half-Life 2. The pictures are grainy and do not show a lot of detail.

You can find them here.

Gamers Hell have got some Half-Life 2 info, they have posted some details about the storyline, the reason for the big secret and the game engine info:

    "Half-Life 2 takes place in a Eastern European city, called City 17. It happens a short time after the end of the first game. Earth is once again under attack by aliens from Xen, and you, Gordon Freeman (now working for a secret government agency) have to save the day. Valve promises 12 chapters and almost 40 hours of gameplay.

    The game is powered by Valve's in-house developed graphics engine, called Source. The specs of the graphics engine sound very impressive, and Half-Life 2 is sure to give Doom 3 a run for its money. Even more impressive is the scalability of this engine - while to take full advantage of it an Athlon 2Ghz with a GeForce 4 will be needed, the game will be able to run on a P3-700 powered by a DX6 compatible video card."