GameSpy gets a chance to speak to Kenneth Yeung about the awesome Hong Kong-style action mod for Max Payne, Max Payne: Kung Fu Edition. The interview discusses late nights, scripting problems, and being inspired by the Ninja Turtles:

    "GameSpy: How difficult was it to make the "Kung Fu" mod? How much technical expertise do you have?

    Kenneth Yeung: When I began this project I had little idea of what was to be involved. Currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science, I thought this would be something easily within my ballpark. However, Max Payne is not a game designed to be heavily modified, gameplay wise. Although there are tools available to throw in new levels and skins, there are no real means to modify the underlying mechanics of the game. So my resulting work is a huge mishmash of strange hacks and messy workarounds, all attempting to make the unusually strict game engine do things it neither wanted nor was designed to do. Not only was this a great exercise in resourceful implementation, it also required me to learn a thing or two about character animation and level design -- things I have had little prior experience in. Suffice to say, this project was a challenge on many fronts."