HomeLAN chats with Bravetree's Joe Maruschak as he talks about their upcoming Torque Engine based action game ThinkTanks:

    "HomeLAN - Is there a storyline behind the game?

    Joe Maruschak - The story itself is intentionally 'retro'. It looks back to a lot of the pulp science fiction we grew up on, and in many ways seeks to reinforce the design intent of the game. The backstory is that an alien race has been coming to earth to steal the brains of humans to put in tanks back on their homeworld to fight their wars for them. In the single player part of the game, you have broken free from the mind control of the aliens and battle against their sinister robots as you attempt to free your enslaved brethren. We wanted to keep the story basic and very simple, as we wanted the game to capture the arcade flavor of the games we were trying to emulate and not burden the play with a heavy storyline."