HomeLAN got a chance to chat with Ingo Frick, the technical director at Massive, to find out more about their plans for Aquamark 3:

    "HomeLAN - What are the team's main goals in the creations of AquaMark 3?

    Ingo Frick - The main goal is to provide the user with a reliable and an easy-to-use game engine benchmarking tool. For this AquaMark3 executes a complete state-of-the-art game engine and generates 3D scenes which, unlike other benchmarks, are designed to make the same demands of users' hardware as as the representive cross-section of modern games. It then outputs a set of scores giving a breakdown of the performance of different parts of the user's PC, calculated from how effectively the system managed to run the benchmark. This score can then be analysed through predefined graphical and textual analysing sheets. The results can finally be compared to the scores of other PC users to see whether their hardware is configured for optimal performance or not."