Gamers Hell have posted an interview with Vulcan's Lisa Tunnah, director/game designer and model builder, about their science fiction themed FPS game, Hybrid. Heres a snip:

    "What inspired you all to create Hybrid?

    Our Mother engine has been in development for four years and is finally ready to give birth to it's first game J. Seeing Mother's capabilities is somewhat inspiring in itself, but over these past four years we have been following the progression of FPS games and the technology that drives them. Our observations of their shortcomings have contributed to many of the design principles that will make Hybrid stand out from the crowd.

    "Eye-candy" is still the big selling point for the majority of FPS games, and although we believe that every game should possess stunning visuals, it shouldn't constitute the main aspect of the experience on offer. I think that gamers expect stunning visuals and death defying high production values as standard, and it's high time the odds were raised in the game-play department. I don't wish to beat this old argument to death, and believe me I wouldn't be waving my stick if I didn't have something pretty substantial to back me up, which brings me onto your next question."