Gamers Hell have posted an interview with Jerome Cukier of Wanadoo concerning their adventure game Inquisition. Heres a question about the games storyline:

    "Please tell us about the background / storyline of the game.

    The story takes place in the historical 14th Century in Paris. It was a time of political instability, as the new king had a terrible reputation among his people. Some 30 years before king Philippe le Bel had eradicated the order of the Knights Templar, a power greater than his own. Now, the church is all-powerful and the inquisition is free to administer justice the way it sees fit.

    It is in that setting that our hero, Matthew, the son of an impoverished nobleman, finds himself in Paris to seek fortune. Unwillingly, he will play a major role in a conspiracy involving a dark cult, the inquisition, various gangs of cutthroats, and the king..."