HomeLAN chats with Interplay's Chuck Cuevas as he talks about Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, the upcoming console action game set in the Fallout universe. Here is a snip:

    "HomeLAN - Fallout has a huge cult following for many gamers. How does the following for this series affect the development of the game?

    Chuck Cuevas - When we started discussing a Fallout console game, we looked at the fan sites and what they wanted out of future Fallout titles. The hardcore fans aren't into consoles or action games, so we knew from the outset that some fans wouldn't get into the idea. But at the same time, we felt that the Fallout universe is a rich, wonderful game setting, and many Fallout fans as well as console gamers who aren't familiar with Fallout will love playing around in it. Many members of the current development team are Fallout fans. Many of the ideas incorporated into the story, art, and design come straight from Fallout 1 and 2. With all of this in mind, we took a different direction from the PC titles, putting together a game experience that appeals to a broad console audience (a group with different expectations than the hardcore PC gaming crowd). And in the end, we feel that what makes a game Fallout isn't turn-based combat or sprites or a keyboard and mouse. It's about a setting and storyline that's going to be cool no matter what platform it's on. Ultimately we're hoping to broaden the appeal of the Fallout world so that we can make more Fallout titles for all platforms, all types of gamers."