Games Fusion have released a new replacement pack for Counter-Strike, called Fusion Assault. Fusion Assault replaces almost every aspect of Counter-Strike including sprites, VGUI menu graphics, console graphics, weapon models, player models, sounds and more. Fusion Assault is primarily aimed at realism and whilst it caters for the tactical fan base it also provides all the action from Games Fusion's Fusion Pack series.

Fusion Assault v1.0 Features:

    Replaced console menu and splash screen.

    Replaced VGUI menu graphics.

    Replaced player, radio, weapon, item and all other sounds.

    Replaced Gign, Gsg9, SAS and Urban CT player models.

    Fixed left model alignment issue with CS 1.4.

    Replaced weapons: USP 45 Pistol, Desert Eagle Pistol, H&K G3 Sniper Rifle, FN57 Pistol, P90 Sub Machine Gun, Knife, M3 Shotgun, Scout Sniper Rifle, C4, UMP 45, P228 Pistol, M4A1 Rifle, MAC 10 Sub Machine Gun, MP5 Sub Machine Gun, SIG550 Sniper Rifle, XM1014 Shotgun, AWM Sniper Rifle, M249 Machine Gun, Beretta Elite Pistols, TMP Sub Machine Gun, AK47 Assault Rifle, AUG Assault Rifle, Glock 18 Pistol and SG552 Assault Rifle.

    Replaced shells and wine bottle.

    Replaced HE/Smoke/FB grenades.

    Replaced HUD, Radar, sniper scope, C4 LED and muzzle flash sprites.

    Replaced Arctic, Phonic, Guerrilla and Leet terrorist player models.

    Replaced Helicopter model.

    Replaced player model Thigh Pack.

    Replaced player model Bomb Pack

    Replaced C4 explosives.

    Replaced hostage models.

    Replaced bullet and blood decals.

    Replaced P_ and W_ weapon models.