CDV Software today announces its new website will be live tomorrow. The new portal is designed to integrate the newest information on CDV's games and the company site.

The new website features a very user-friendly navigational structure, as everything is a three page click away from the main site. Currently the site contains five categories: games, shop, company, investors and support.

The games category remains as the main page, and contains links to a highlighted title as well as three other featured games. This section also features a preview on all titles in the pipeline, a download section, an event calendar and a weekly competition. The "Top Ten CDV Games" list features information on the games as well as links on the preview section.

The "company" section features information on CDV Software and its business and investors, as well as an archive of ad hoc releases, financial statements, a financial calendar and feedback from both analysts and the press.

The "support" segment offers fast and easy access via a form to CDV 's support


Visit the new website at