Explosive Labs have posted an Intel Q&A with questions submitted by their forum users and other sources. Heres an interesting question:

    Q1: Do they think a time will come when not raw power but added features (such as Hyperthreading) will be of a paramount selling point? If this is the case have they looked into anything special, if so what?

    A1: For the past few years we have been focusing on elements beyond performance, such as battery life and wireless computing in the mobility space, and ease of use, Serial ATA, USB 2.0 in the desktop space. Actually, Hyper-Threading is a performance story, it is just an innovative way of getting there. The market is very segmented these days, and you need to look at the needs of each type of user and give them what they want. For some it will be the highest performance they can get. There is no one size fits all paramount selling point that covers all segments. Oh yeah, we have all sorts of things cooking in the labs, stay tuned.