The Mystery of the Druids, the forthcoming classic point and click adventure game from CDV, is to receive a 15+ rating in the UK after they got some advice from the European Leisure Software Publishers' Association (ELSPA) concerning the scenes of implied gore and violence. Heres a chosen bit from the Press Release:

    Although not overtly gory, the game does contain some scenes and imagery which may prove disturbing to a younger audience. These sections are mainly fleeting - and more implied than graphic - yet the content has been considered mature enough to be earmarked for an ELSPA '15+' rating. In the US, the age rating is likely to be an 'M' - for mature audiences only.

    "Whilst there is no Resident Evil-style violence within The Mystery of the Druids, as the plot unfolds there are moments which are genuinely shocking," says Leo Zullo, UK Marketing Manager, CDV Software. "We've discussed the matter with ELSPA and feel it is important to clarify this - especially as most point and click adventures tend to be rated much lower. The Mystery of The Druids will appeal to those who like their adventures deep, involving and with the occasional laugh - and definitely not those with a sensitive disposition."