The latest PlayStation State of Play saw Vertigo Games and Deep Silver revealing that the next entry in the post-apocalyptic Metro series is going VR. Metro Awakening will be a prequel to the original Metro games that have been built from the ground up for VR as a story-driven first-person adventure.

“This origins story is so essential to me,” said Dmitry Glukhovsky, who is also serving as a lore consultant for Metro Awakening. “It feels like returning to the foundations and roots of the series – now at the level that VR technology can bring.”

– Dmitry Glukhovsy, Author and Creator of Metro and Lore Consultant on Metro Awakening

In the depths of the Moscow Metro, where the remnants of humanity cling to existence after Nuclear Armageddon, spectral entities torment the survivors. We will quite literally (via VR) step into the role of Serdar, a rationalist and doctor. We will then get to navigate the perilous depths of the Metro, brave darkness, radiation, and lethal adversaries to locate Serdar's wife and the life-saving medicine she desperately needs.

While I remain cautiously skeptical about VR, the Metro series has a knack for drawing players into its eerie world. With proper execution, this could evolve into a truly captivating experience. Vertigo Games are working on Metro Awakening for the PS5 and PS VR2, prioritizing the unique capabilities of these platforms right from the get-go, rather than attempting a mere adaptation.

Metro Awakening is coming to PS VR2, Meta Quest 2 and 3, and PC VR in 2024.