If you’re a fan of dystopian settings and first-person shooting, you may want to keep an eye on Ken Levine’s new project – Judas. Ghost Story Games showed off a glimpse of the game during the latest Sony State Play, and based on what we can see, we’ll have one hell of a messed-up world to explore.

The game will have us fixing whatever is broken or leaving it all to burn. And like a true Bioshock-inspired game, once again we have a futuristic city that is falling to pieces.

The visuals crafted for Judas at Ghost Story Games are truly incredible. The part where the hand is assembled in real-time is downright creepy…but I love it.

While the gameplay details are somewhat limited, showcasing typical first-person shooting and intriguing supernatural abilities, the overall stylistic elements—combining glittery excess with a crumbling world—definitely make a strong impression.

We'll have to exercise patience as we await more information since the release date is yet to be announced. But we will keep you updated.