We’re all hyped for GTA 6, but until we are able to revisit Vice City once again, there is another project that we may want to keep an eye on.

As DSO Gaming spotted, a studio called Revolution Team is working on a remake of the original Vice City, hoping to succeed where the official remaster failed.

The team will be taking the 2002 Grand Theft Auto game and importing it into Rockstar’s RAGE engine, making it look like GTA IV.

Revolution Team acknowledges the Definitive Edition, but adds that this remake will be different and better:

The official remaster uses the Unreal Engine only for rendering, but the game’s physics engine is still RenderWare, released more than 20 years ago, with outdated mechanics and animations.

The remake will launch at some point in 2025. Here’s what else you can expect from it:

• Improved version of the city from Definitive Edition
• Improved weapons from Definitive Edition
• All cars from the Xbox version of the game
• Models of all characters and peds from the Xbox version of the game (with improved textures)
• All original radio stations
• Cut scenes from the original game
• Design in the style of the original game
• Neon on buildings from Vice City Stories
• Additional fixes and improvements from the Revolution Team