Defence Alliance has now been running for over three years. In that time we have been showcased in many magazines, websites and even TV! we also were one of the few MODS to release a Community Edition of our game, created by the community themselves.

Now three and a half years on, Defence Alliance is ready to cross over to the new engine, promising the much requested Human Vs Human element and other major improvements to the game, but still keeping the DA spirit of overwhelming odds against your side alive.

Recently Defence Alliance has suffered some set backs, with people "sucking up" potential team members. A while ago we released a statement requesting for coding help, as for us our coding department is the only area with no one in, we have everything else but coders. Unfortunately we where disappointed by many of the Unreal news sites, by how this important news was handled by them.

After a response of zero, we have recently decided to try one last time for help. If it is still to no avail Defence Alliance will have to cancel its UT2003 project and disband the team. Sadly we cannot go on forever without any coding help... This is truly a sad thing, and I wish I did not have to be the one to announce it.

We have a big community support for DA, and also the Unreal Community as a whole; but if no one can come forward to help, it looks like Defence Alliance will finish much earlier then expected.

- FluXs