11 Bit Studios and Fool’s Theory have announced that The Thaumaturge no longer meets its original December 5 release date and will instead launch on February 20, 2024 in order to give the team “some additional time in development.”

The press release reads: “As the finishing touches were put on the game over recent weeks, the team saw the opportunity to add more polish and quality, and given they have the comfort to allow themselves some extra time the decision was made to delay.”

As it appears, the delay is mostly applicable to the PC version of the game but it is also said that the Xbox Series and PlayStation versions will be coming “at a later date.”

In case you’re unaware, the plot of the game focuses on a (surprise, surprise) a thaumaturge named Wiktor Szulski, who is sent on a quest to cope with the metaphorical skeletons in his past. 

As the press release states “unfolding in 1905 Warsaw, the story revolves around the complex theme of inner demons and how in this world that can mean more than just a mental burden.”

The Thaumaturge is coming to PC on February 20, 2024. Xbox Series X and PS5 are coming at a later point. You can check out the trailer below: