We still have to wait for 2024 until we lay our hands on Anger Foot (it’s one of Devolver Digital’s recently-delayed games) but a new Anger Foot trailer is up and it’s here to show us more action. It’s a good idea to get familiar with what Shit City has in store for us before diving deeper into the game.

We got our first look at the gameplay back in June 2022. Not much has changed since as it seems, and the game looks just as absurd as it did back then. As the studio puts it “Shit City is a disease and your foot is the cure.” If you can visualize what Hotline Miami looks like in 3D, you’ll have a fairly good overview of what you can expect from this game.

The developers are striving to enhance replay value by incorporating hidden secrets and unlockable features that allow players to approach levels from many different angles. This includes new sneakers, an array of weapons, and upgradeable powers, all of which facilitate more effective confrontations with the peculiar adversaries lurking on the streets. The Anger Foot trailer provides a glimpse of several diverse settings, ranging from grimy sewers to dilapidated apartments. It's worth noting that even the bathroom doesn't offer respite for the relentless foes.

We don’t know when the game may launch, but nonetheless, the demo is available on Steam right now.