As a part of the September State of Play, Sony revealed that Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will launch on PS5 on 29 February 2024, roughly four years since the release of Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

The announcement comes along with a brand-new trailer that shows a nice mix of both old and new. Vincent can be seen in the footage, but we can see only a glimpse of his legendary mullet from behind. The trailer also shows off Junon, presenting it in all its splendor. Tifa hints at the return of weapons and even those formidable optional bosses from the original version of the game. The Golden Saucer makes a cameo as well, and we even see some epic Chocobo Racing. Gotta love those.

Cloud is shown in the trailer too, and he rides around on a Segway while wearing a pastel-colored polo shirt. I’m not sure this is something I remember from the original game, but nonetheless, it looks amazing.

Final Fantasy VII. Rebirth is coming to PS5 on February 29, 2024.