The guys over at the Natural Selection Half-Life mod have released some more info about what we can expect in version 1.1. Today we have details about the new Constellation system, as well as some of the expected features of 1.1. See details Below:

    "The Constellation membership program is now open for business. This is a way for the NS community to help support and speed ongoing development of Natural Selection. This is a rewards system which allows NS fans who donate to Natural Selection to receive an in-game scoreboard icon. This shows the world that you officially support the work of the NS team and are willing to donate a modest sum in order to keep the project going. Our websites and other endeavors that let NS happen cost the team a lot of money each month, and we hope you'll wear your new badge with pride while keeping the project afloat. You can find plenty more details by going to and clicking 'Constellation'.

    In other less pledge-drive-related news, word is starting to trickle out on what you can expect to come out soon. NS v1.1 continues to make giant strides. There were some new feature announcements this week on the General forum (, including some information about the Onos' new "Devour" ability, and new features in the Commander Mode like hotgroups, squad assignments, alert cues, and more. These are just a few of the massive changes going into 1.1, but suffice it to say, the gameplay is going to radically change. The tech tree is being reworked for both sides, new abilities and technologies are being added, and even the resource model is undergoing big restructuring.

    Along with bug-fixes, HLTV support, spectator support, VALVe's Anti-Cheat technology and other new features, expect to see quite a few new maps, new content and a bunch of surprises. Even server admins can look forward to big performance changes as well. There's a lot more we can't talk about yet, but don't expect 1.1 to be a minor update with some bug fixes."