After more than a year of relentless hype, Capcom have finally unleashed Street Fighter 6 upon us this Friday, and based on the first numbers, the game is off to an incredible start, entertaining an astonishing number of one million players during the launch weekend.

The staggering number was revealed on social media by the series new director, Taka Nakayama, who thanked players for their enormous support. He also posted some sweet artwork of one of the series newcomers, Kimberly Jackson. As Nakayama stated, the number brings he series’ total “players” to over 50 million.

Of course, just like other fighting games we’ve seen and played thus far, the hype eventually wanes over time, but SF6 nonetheless has a very bright future ahead and I’m sure the competitive scene will be better than anything we’ve seen in the earlier games in the series.

Street Fighter 6 is available now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.