Ownt.com have interviewed one of Alienware's founders, Alex Aguila. They talk about how Alienware came to be, and what they are planning in the near future. In that future they get some exclusive details concerning their upcoming new case design, codenamed 'Predator'. Along with all these juicy details they find out a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes of the building of a Alienware system and what special treatment it goes through before being shipped off to the customer. Ever wonder what games the founder of Alienware plays? Yeah, they got that too. Heres a snip:

    From the beginning, did you ever think Alienware was going to be a huge success?

    I remember having a conversation early on and setting an ultimate goal of 100 machines a month. If you were to ask me back then if I thought we would be a global operation with facilities in multiple countries, then the answer is no. The level of success Alienware has achieved could not have been predicted.