Dead Island 2, the open-world horror sequel that took more than a decade to launch, now managed to sell two million copies, becoming the biggest launch title in the entire history of Deep Silver. And when we remember that most people thought the game will turn out to be complete c*ap…

Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors issued the following statement: “I am happy to state that the game has now reached a sell-out of well over two million units. It is rewarding to see that the decision to give [Dambuster] time to polish the game has paid off.”

Dead Island 2 hit the shelves in April, following a real rollercoaster that was the development process. The project went through multiple studios and it passed over a lot of obstacles before hitting the shelves. After years of delay and a non-ideal track record of the studio itself, Dead Island 2 was a game that only a handful of people believed in.

But even though it was no one’s GOTY, Dead Island 2 defied all the odds, the critics, and the stigma of its own brand, becoming one of the happiest endings of the year and a very enjoyable experience indeed.

Dead Island 2 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.