With Sudden Strike II due out in the UK today, EuroGamer have posted a quick interview with CDV producer Thorsten Feld. Expect our review of the game up very soon. Here's a taster:

    "Thorsten was quick to admit that, on the surface at least, Sudden Strike II looks a lot like its predecessor, sharing the same basic graphics engine and interface. "You shouldn't judge a game only on its graphical changes" though, he insisted. "Under its surface there are many more differences. The whole engine is optimized, primarily the multiplayer code where some parts are new and much more stable than in the past. On the game side there are many changes. The damage model has been completely overworked and is now more realistic. The Japanese are a new nation with new unique units, and of course all other nations have new units too. Airplanes can now land on the map and be manned with your units. Also, there are armoured trains, which can attack enemies over a long distance."