We are getting closer and closer to the launch of Resident Evil 4 and Capcom have just released the first episode in a series of short anime adventures detailing the events of Leon Kennedy and his journey through the European countryside that looks both strange and beautiful at the same time.

Produced by Nippon Animation and stylized in a colorful and sunny style, the first episode (Looking for Ashley) sees our dear Leon stumbling across a strange town occupied by a party of friendly locals. Things turn out incredibly well for our young hero, as you can probably imagine. But yeah, don’t want to spoil too much before you experience it yourself.

We will see whether Capcom will end up releasing other anime shorts during the Resident Evil 4 launch period, but for now, it can be concluded that the company decided that the “creepy aesthetic” is the way to go when it comes to promoting the flagship survival horror franchise in the best possible way.

Resident Evil 4 is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on March 24.