The Pokemon Company have opened a vacancy for a new role within its President & Corporate Development Office, a role which, according to the job listing, requires expertise in Web3, NFTs, blockchain technology, and of course, the metaverse.

So, it seems like the role is 100% focused on Web 3 and the metaverse and the studio is looking for someone who is creative and open enough to new technologies and paths to improving and expanding the Pokemon franchise, which includes “monitoring and assessing technology and market players and trends in gaming, media, and entertainment.”

Time will tell what the web3 and metaverse integration could potentially mean for the Pokemon brand. The NFT gaming space has seen huge controversies since its inception basically and a lot of investors ended up losing their money. On the other hand, if done accordingly, this could also very well be the future of gaming. We already have big names like Square Enix, SEGA, and Ubisoft backing it up, so time will certainly tell whether the skepticism is justified or not.