Happy Shabby Games have announced that their quirky Love-de-Lic-inspired adventure game, 24 Killers will launch on PC on March 9.

The game will let players befriend and help the island’s inhabitants, and by doing so, they can gain strength and additional powers that will allow them to help even more of the island’s inhabitants. You take control of an echo possessing the corpse of a deceased soldier named Home. Along the way, you’ll be taking orders from an alien named Moon who promised to help you remove a curse that is slowly taking its toll on you as time goes on.

Based on the available footage, the game takes direct inspiration from the games of Love-de-Lic (and its offshoots). The art style, in particular, has a lot in common with Moon: Remix RPG. The soundtrack is also intriguing and quite quirky, which seems to be suiting the atmosphere perfectly.

24 Killers will launch on PC on March 9th, 2023. You can check out the trailer below: