Chimera Entertainment have unveiled the details of their next project – a fantasy strategy game titled “Songs of Silence”. The studio that is well-known for their mobile games like Angry Birds Evolution and Sacred Legends is now looking forward to releasing a quality PC game, and based on what we’ve seen so far, Songs of Silence looks very promising.

The game will feature narrative-driven, single-player campaigns on randomly generated maps as well as a fantasy story “torn between light and dark”. We’ll choose one out of several factions battling one another in an eternal war. Songs of Silence also sees a mix of real-time battles and kingdom and hero management. You won’t have direct control of your forces but you’ll instead play “powerful combat cards from your heroes”, which is a nice twist. The game will feature more than a hundred different units, hundreds of cards, and online multi-player functionality.

Hitoshi Sakimoto is in charge of the game’s soundtrack. Knowing the fact that he was responsible for all the iconic pieces heard in Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Valkyria Chronicles (among many others) just gets to show that the studio cares about delivering the best possible experience on PC as well.

We don’t have the release date just yet, but in the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer below: