The tech industry is full of massive layoffs these days and video game companies are no exception. Following the footsteps of Microsoft, Amazon, and Google parent company Alphabet, Riot Games have also joined the layoff train. The developer behind titans like Valorant and League of Legends has just laid off 46 employees.

According to a report from Jacob Wolf, the layoffs are focused on talent acquisition, recruiting departments, and its publishing arm through esports. Support units were affected as well.

In a statement to Wolf, Ruit Games said they “implemented strategic shifts within a few teams to sharpen [its] focus in a number of areas.”

A Riot spokesperson also stated: “With these shifts, certain roles were eliminated, impacting a total of 46 Rioters. This is part of our normal course of our business: We periodically make changes to our structure and our teams based on what we believe will allow us to deliver the best content and experiences for players. We never make these decisions lightly and will always start from a place of wanting to retain Rioters and have them focus on our highest priorities. While that’s not always possible, it’s our primary goal.”

Riot Games will keep on hiring nonetheless. You can find the number of currently available positions on their official website.