Hot Hardware have posted a review of the Shuttle SS51G XPC Mini PC. Here is some info:

    "we have another of the popular mini barebones systems on tap for you from the folks at Shuttle. After having the chance to review each new model, we've become fond of the XPC product line, constantly impressed with the improvements Shuttle has made with each new design. Review after review we praised Shuttle for their innovative designs yet there seemed to be something missing with each model. Numerous users and reviewers voiced their wishes for more PCI slots, an AGP slot, support for DDR RAM, and so on. But if one thing is certain, it's that Shuttle has been listening. This time we have the SS51G XPC Mini Barebones System, a unit that encompasses all of our "wishes" in a single, powerful package. This is the first XPC that offers an AGP slot, support for PC2700 DDR RAM, ATA133, and USB 2.0. In the end, Shuttle has designed a barebones with the potential to rival the performance of full-size high-performance rigs."