Nintendo have just announced that they will be joining forces with mobile gaming company DeNA to expand user communication and improve upon all the services delivered by the “Nintendo Account” system.

The statement reads as follows:

“With the integrated hardware-software model at the core of its business, Nintendo also strives to provide enhanced experience and service outside of its dedicated gaming system,” begins perhaps the most buzzword statement in existence. “In order to provide this experience in a holistic manner, Nintendo is working to maintain and expand its relationship with consumers primarily through Nintendo Account. Based on the expertise accumulated over the seven-plus years and the experience of co-developing multiple services based on Nintendo Account, Nintendo and DeNA will advance their partnership and establish a joint venture company.

With the objective to strengthen the digitalization of Nintendo’s business, the joint venture company will research and develop, as well as create value-added services to further reinforce Nintendo’s relationship with consumers.”

This isn’t the first time Nintendo is dealing with DeNA, since the company has worked with Ninty on a number of mobile games, including Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. DeNA was also working on the integration of player accounts and in-game communications. Going forward, the two companies hope to research and develop more advanced technology and software for future Nintendo mobile games and apps.

Looking forward to seeing what the future will bring in that regard!