Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be one of the last big releases of the year and we are still eagerly waiting for November 18. But before we lay our hands on it, we have some new footage to gawk at. It’s not as flashy as the ones we’ve seen before, but it’s still damn exciting.

First, we have a brief clip that lasts for roughly 30 seconds. Not a long video but it has some gameplay mixed in with a focus on open world footage.

Then, we also have the “main” video which lasts for about a minute and a half. This clip shows off some footage mixed in with real-life backdrops from the game. If you mute the voiceover, you can see some gameplay of Scarlet and Violet dealing with combat and exploration.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are coming out on November 19 on Nintendo Switch. You can check out both videos below: