PC Hardware have reviewed the Abit AT7, a motherboard based on KT333, member of the Abit MAX family. MAX series bring the innovative, legacy free design to desktops. AT7 has two IEEE394 ports, ten USB 1.1 + 2.0 ports, one LAN port, six channel audio and a four channels RAID controller. Here is a Quote:

    "With so many onboard additional devices one could say that the board will suffer from compatibility problems. In fact the board has to be very trouble free because there are no legacy ports onboard: no PS/2, no serial, no printer and no game. Microsoft has recommended such a setup since 1999 (as far as I can remember), but no serious manufacturer was crazy enough to get rid of legacy ports till now. We tested everything on the board except for the IEEE394. There are only three PCI slots, but this doesn't mean that there are no IRQ shares."