The highly anticipated Netflix series, Sonic Prime, just got a new teaser trailer. And guess what? It looks damn amazing! It’s much better than the previous ones and it shows a couple of familiar faces – Big the Cat, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Eggman himself.

As it seems, we’ll be looking at some kind of multi-verse here. We have no idea what Eggman is up to just yet, we have even less knowledge about Shadow’s intentions, but one thing is certain – our favorite blue blur will have a hard time. We see some fighting between Sonic and Shadow here and it’s just as awesome as you expect.

2022 is definitely a year to remember for Sonic. A highly successful Sonic 2 movie, a collection of all-time classics in the form of Sonic Origins, Sonic Frontiers is on its way, we also have this Netflix show coming up…what a time to be alive if you’re a Sonic fan.

Sonic Prime will air on Netflix this holiday season. You can check out the trailer below: