Tweakers Australia has posted a review on the SkyHawk ATX-4396 Aluminium case. According to them, Good quality design, all-aluminium reinforced chassis, spring loaded swing door, plus more makes this case an excellent buy. Here's a snip:

    Aluminium, or Aluminum as you may call it has been the material of choice for some time now when it comes to heatsinks. Sure it isn't the absolute best conductive material, but it is relatively cheap, light and very easy to work with. I'm guessing that most of your would have heard of Lian-Li at some point, and know that they were the first real, high-quality aluminium case manufacturers on the block. One drawback to the Lian-Li cases is the high cost, which unfortunately denies the average enthusiast from owning one. Introducing Skyhawk - long time renowned for quality power supplies for both the server and home environment, and more recently, aluminium cases. Skyhawk offers a full range of aluminium cases, ranging from very cheap to expensive. Thanks to Kenny over at Sky Hawk Australia the model we will be looking at today is the SkyHawk ATX-4396, which boats stylish design, quality finish and a full aluminium chassis.