Sheinman Games are working on a new mystery game titled Riley & Rochelle. The title is coming to Steam and it can be described as a love story with a musical twist. So yeah, we’ll be diving into a complex relationship between two musicians. Make sure you have your tissues ready.

Riley and Rochelle are two musicians from different worlds, and they end up falling in and out of love in the ’90s. Riley Stone is a rocker from Detroit who came up through the indie music scene while  Rochelle Robert is a former child pageant star who gets discovered and makes her way into the spotlight.

The two “birds” get together and grow closer, and now it is up to you to figure out how, why, and what happened after they fell in love with one another. Along the way, you’ll get to piece together music, journal entries, and information to solve the entire puzzle and see whether they’ve got a deserved happy ending.

The game is a collaboration between Natalia Yanchak and Tim Sheinman, and the art is done by Mack Chater, Murray Somerwolff, and Josiah Whitfield. A great team indeed!

Riley & Rochelle is currently scheduled for release on PC and Mac. You can check out the trailer below: