The next Avengers update (2.6) is coming out next month and it will introduce a new playable character – The Winter Soldier.

As stated on the Square Enix blog, the update is going live in September, and other than adding a new playable character, it will introduce a new villain-focused adventure for all players and the “No Rest for the Wicked” Warzone.

We have no exact launch date at this point, but at least we have the release window and we know the update is coming out at some point in September.

The latest blog reads as follows:

“The Scientist Supreme is running out of resources (and clones) and takes further risks to secure AIM’s power.

Monica has recovered M.O.D.O.K. from the San Francisco Bay with plans to revive him for use as a weapon against the Avengers. Our heroes must put an end to her plans before the mutation-maddened genius returns.”

Update 2.6 will also tweak the full roster of heroes to make sure they feel “heroic to play”. On top of that, we’re also getting new updates as well as combat and movement tweaks to improve gameplay.

The blog also reads:

“This will be an ongoing process over several updates as we look at combat, balance, and traversal and make tweaks and changes to make sure every Hero continues to feel like they’ve leapt from the pages of the comics. As an Omega-Level Threat, it features endgame content that will arrive with new gear and an increased power-level cap, as well as the next step in the conflict between AIM and the Avengers.”

The next playable content will be AIM’s Cloning Labs and it’s coming right after update 2.6. More details about Cloning Labs as well as the Winter Soldier will be revealed once we get closer to the launch date. Stay tuned!