Codemasters have sent over some info about a demo for thier upcoming TOCA Race Driver. According to them, this is an Unofficial demo and should not be treated as a proper representation of the game. Heres some info for you:

    The "demo" that is being circulated online for Codemasters' TOCA Race Driver* should be taken as unofficial. Very early demo code produced several months ago for a US long lead-time magazine, was not intended for distribution online.

    The code is not representative of the current status of the game, nor should be taken as an example of the finished title, which will be released in September. It has only experimental car physics, basic AI, the car damage is an early test model and it will not run on a wide range of machines, as it is not optimised code.

    Codemasters advises all gamers to await the true playable demo. Due this summer for PC, the official demo will enable players to experience the game's dramatic narrative and superlative racing action in a demo that promises to be an excellent sampler-game complete with a hanger ending.