have just posted up a review of the Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra motherboard. This motherboard comes with 6-channel audio support, 8 USB ports where 4 of them are USB2.0, HighPoint RAID controller, on-board LAN and a host of other useful features. Here is a quote:

    "The LAN port supports 10/100Mbps base-T Ethernet using a RealTek RTL8100B chipset. As mention in the bundle section, our test system using Win2K could detect the port once we enable it through the BIOS and it loaded the Realtek drivers automatically. And like the Dragon Plus! it has indicators lights with the orange light blinking when the system is downloading pages or files. The board also support wake-on-LAN, which is really a nice addition.The whole experience of setting up the LAN port for surfing is as easy as plugging in the UTP-5 cable, a total breeze compared with network cards although the latter isn't too difficult to setup either."