Sega have announced a release date for The Kaito Files DLC for the acclaimed RPG Lost Judgment. The expansion will launch on Xbox and PlayStation on March 28, and the price will be $28.88.

The Kaito Files is a four-chapter DLC that will have you donning the meaty fists of Masaharu Kaito (the guy who is technically in charge of the Yagami Detective Agency). Set after the events of Lost Judgment, the expansion sees Kaito embarking on a case heavily connected to his own mysterious past. His travels will see him attempting to find the love of his life and coming in contact with a young lad who may even be his own son. An intriguing story.

The expansion features a brand new plot, and it sees Kaito exploring the streets of Kamurocho using his own distinct investigative style. Eschewing the tools of the Judgment protagonist Takayuki Yagami, Kaito uses his own instinct and previous expereince to dig out clues and suspects. Overall, it’s a great extension of the original story, so if you’ve completed it already, don’t miss out on this DLC.

Lost Judgment is now available on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.