Studio Cema have unveiled that they are working on a new indie hand-drawn Metroidvania The Perfect Pencil, a game that is set to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch.

The game’s described as a mixture of Hollow Knight‘s action with the “psychological depth” of games like Limbo and Celeste. Promising already! You take control of Jon, a guy who finds himself trapped in a mysterious world and is now looking for a way to escape. A typical survival plot.

Along the way, you’ll be using your “Analysis“ ability use to obtain info from NPCs, objects in the world, and the environment itself. You can then use this information to make different choices and find different secrets. and, As the devs promise, all of this will have a major influence on the game’s outcome.

You’ll be traveling through “mind-bending landscapes” that will elicit different emotions, human moods, and reactions to fear. And as the blurb says, we can expect “engaging and unusual interactions, challenging choices, surprising exploration and fast-paced combat will keep the gameplay interesting throughout whilst the narrative reveals itself”.

We have no release date for The Perfect Pencil at this point, but we know the game will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch. Make sure you check out the trailer below while you’re here: