TweakTown has just posted a review of the Asus A7V333 Motherboard. Here's a snip:

    "More and more manufacturers are coming out with motherboards based on the KT333 chipset. Can Asus offer us anything special enough to sway us over to their product? Come join TweakTown as they take you on a tour of the Asus A7V333 Motherboard and see if we can find some answers to this very question."
They have also got a review of the Abit NV7-133R Motherboard. Here's a snip for that:

    "When nVidia first came out with the news that they would be entering the AMD chipset market, the world waited with baited breath. The idea of a solid player in the performance arena plus decent graphics built onto the mainboard itself was an eagerly anticipated event. But then the board came out and it was a near disaster. But that hasn't stopped nVidia from plowing on and coming up with something better. Join TweakTown as they take a look at the Abit NV7-133R Motherboard. It uses the new nVidia nForce 415 chipset to come up with a new possibility in the motherboard market. Can they do a better job this time around? Let's see for ourselves."