EuroGamer have atken a look at one of the GameCube's hottest prospects, Shigeru Miyamoto's

target=_blank>Super Mario Sunshine. Arguably, it's the successor to the daddy of all 3D platformers, and this means that regardless of fuzzy screenshots and bizarre storylines, it's something to be looked forward to. Here's an intro:

    "Speaking of graphics, Mario Sunshine's visual style is of course reminiscent of his 64-bit outing, but locations have changed to fit the island setting, with cobbled streets and sprawling outdoor environments with plenty of minutiae and an immense draw distance. Most of all the streets of Mario's holiday destination look warm - the whole scene has an iridescent glow to it as our hero basks in the summer sun wiping the sweat off his face with the back of his glove. The emphasis is definitely on 'cute', although Mario clearly benefits from a much higher polygon count and various other frills. If he has half the amusing little animations that his brother Luigi enjoyed in his Cube adventure this is going to look extremely impressive, and we are already promised extensive facial animations that display emotion."