Games Fusion have released an update for Fusion Pack, it's total conversion pack for Counter-Strike which replaces weapons, sounds, graphics, sprites and other ingredients. This update will fix and add new replacements to the game and is an essential add-on for those users who are currently running Fusion Pack 6.5. Here's a full list of changes and new additions:

Fusion Pack 6.5 update/Fix Edition 1:

  • Removed Custom VGUI Menu Graphics

  • Caused game to crash and created visual distortions

  • Replaced Counter-Terrorism Models with realistic additions:

  • New GIGN Replacement

  • New GSG9 Replacement

  • New SAS Replacement

  • New URBAN Replacement

  • Replaced Terrorist Models with realistic additions:

  • New TERROR Replacement

  • New LEET Replacement

  • Added New FN57 Pistol Model

  • Added New P90 Sub Machine Gun Model