Eurogamer have taken a long hard look at Star Wars: Obi-Wan on the Xbox. What did they think? Well they thought it was crap, giving it the low score of 4/10. here's a snippet:

    "Missions vary in length, from the very short to the tediously drawn out. All of the areas are packed with bad guys, and defeating them takes an eternity, especially when it emerges that the Jin'ha are using Force-repelling armour. Between the start of the game and the boarding of the Trade Federation ship as mediators - in other words the starting point for the film - Obi-Wan's missions involve defeating ceaseless hordes of enemies and finding his way through idiotic puzzles. Often these consist of jumping down from ledge to ledge and not falling to certain death, a task made agonizing by the blurry low-resolution textures all over the huge passageways and tunnels."