MES4 hits the dirt running. Stunning graphics and amazing audio. Sponsors, injuries, and customization. This is the full package, minus some small character customization.


You start out as a created character that you have little options to choose from. Customization is huge for me and I say it all the time. however, that does not take away from all the other awesome perks. On your way to the big time, you will run into Sponsors who will invest in you. After picking a sponsor you will not be able to pick another for a while, so choose you'll need to wisely. I did find that you can change the gear for your rider. I do not think that you can change your outfit, but you can change google, helmets, etc, which is nice.


Injuries happen when you crash, get hit by another rider, etc. The game tells you that you are not healed, and you will have to wait a couple races before you can get out there again. On the hand, you can spend 20,000 credits to heal automatically. But spending 20,000 just does not seem logical, so I just took a few weeks off.


Perks help you with your stats for you bike. You can use them to gain better breaks, wheels, etc. My opinion is that I would save as many perks as you can after you tweak your bike a little. After you feel comfortable with the mechanics of riding and controlling your bike, youll be able to see what perks you need more than others. You may be good at turning, but maybe your breaks are not up to par. Well, that is when you can start getting familiar with all the specs you need to upgrade. It is on you on how you set up your bike.


The Graphics are outstanding, the dirt beneath the tires. The detail in the bikes... Wow, they have stepped up their game since MES1. The dust flies up on your shirt, your boots and bottom of the bike get caked with mud and dirt. MES4 is probably the best supercross game out there.

The Fixes

Even though is a great game, I feel that there needs to be some adjustments. The turning, breaking, and maybe just make turning easier. This is fun, but it could be so much better when it comes to racing the AI's. It is just a little too fast paced for someone who has never picked up a controller and played a racing game. To be fair, it would be nice to have a lot more customizations. As far as all that goes, I do not have too much to complain about.

This game is not easy for beginners. It is hard and it takes a lot of gassing and breaking. The bottom line is that it is touchy. If you cannot control a car in a racing game, you will not be able to play this. But they say practice makes perfect, and when you get further and with said little practice you  might start winning races!

Feeling lucky

If you are feeling lucky, give this game ago. You will not be disappointed with the outcome. Take your chances against 21 other contestants who are ruthless and will do anything to win. Stay on top of your game and you can surely come out on the top 3. It will take a lot of practice to conquer this game.