Along with a gameplay overview trailer for Ghosts and Goblins Resurrection, Capcom also shared a breakdown of the four difficulty settings. As you can expect, none of them are gentle.

Here's what you can expect (starting from the most forgiving to the most punishing difficulty):

Page Mode
- You can revive yourself right away.

Squire Mode - There are fewer enemies, and you can take an extra hit.

Knight mode - You have right on an extra hit.

Legend mode - You die as soon as you get hit, and there are many on-screen enemies.

Capcom have also confirmed that, if you clear the game on the Squire, Knight, or Legend difficulty modes, you will get the chance to tackle the Shadow versions of every stage (or "second loop" if you like). So, in case you want to get your ass kicked even more, you'll technically get an additional difficulty mode, and you'll be sufficiently rewarded if you manage to keep your head on your shoulders. There are plenty of surprises waiting for us, and as a long-term fan of the franchise, I can't wait to try them out in practice.

Ghosts'n' Goblins Resurrection is coming out on Nintendo Switch on February 25. You can watch the pre-order trailer below: